I think I'm using the stable kernel instead of the 
unstable one.

I get an error that says essentially unload the 
protected mode software and try again when windows 
tries to start.

Are people taking out the smartdrive stuff or 
simply adding a menu entry and if someone wants 
windows loading it?

BTW:  I found out that curl can load a very large 
file without crashing on my system, but using it 
doesn't make fdupdate work.

Are there special tricks I need to know about 
to get Windows 3.1 running on freedos?  Do only 
older versions of Windows work?

I picked up a copy of Windows 3.1 from a web site
that specializes in abandonware.  It passed clam 
antivirus scans no problem.  I wish Microsoft
would open source Windows 3.x and allow the open
source community to fix it instead of trying to
work around it's problems.

What on a typical freedos system runs in protected
mode?  Maybe Windows 3.1 is stupid and it thinks
the system is in protected mode?

When I installed Windows 3.1, it seemed to start up
okay.  I just can't get it back up is all.

There should be a law for abandonware that says 
you must open source it if you are not going to 
sell or support it anymore.

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