Christian Masloch schreef:
> Since disassembling MS-DOS is "considered legal" by UDOS and RBIL authors  
> (and these sources are "considered legal" by all members of the FreeDOS  
> project) I think there's no problem using some DLL examination tool.
> Regards,
> Christian
I hope you have heared about the term "clean room implementation" where 
one team does the research and writes a specification, and another team 
writes an implementation based on the specification. That way you never 
violate anyone's copyright, patents etc.
Reverse engineering is considered illegal in many countries (DMCA 
anyone, US folks?). I assume RBIL forms the specification of interfaces, 
upon which you can build an implementation if you want.

Any claim (even without proof) by anyone that FreeDOS is based on 
infringing Microsoft copyrights can be enough to shut down this entire 
project, so please keep away from it. ReactOS has had a huge audit 
because of these copyright infringement claims (which were false, but 
enough verbosity to taint the project in online media occasionally).

I guess the only allowed tools are debuggers for virtual machines, and 
general debuggers like SoftIce, just to see how software *interacts* 
with Microsoft copyrighted products.

As for running Windows 3.1 on FreeDOS, it's possible. Jeremy Davis 
managed to do so once a few years ago. Seems like his FDOS.ORG website 
has expired by now though.
* kernel 2037, specific compiled flavour of it though
* Share, specific compiled flavour. Not sure if it's the FreeDOS one, or 
the one by Michael Devore, or Japheth, or whoever.
* MS memory drivers I think (HIMEM)
* FAT16

Your best best would be a MSDOS 6.22 system (only FAT16 support) with 
Windows 3.1, then add FreeDOS to it (KERNEL, SHARE).
Not quite sure if 386-enhanced mode worked, or only standard mode.

Speaking of ReactOS, I think they have dropped their 486-compatibility, 
but still that OS should work on anything which is i80586-compatible (or 
newer/later). Recent fixes have brought the memory consumption back to 
about 32MB.

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