On Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 7:50 PM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de> wrote:

> Hi :-)
> > Realistically, someone should make a clone of Windows 3.1.
> > This makes more sense than making freedos unstable.
> Unstable is only needed for 386 enh mode or wfworkgroups.
> > Windows 3.1 isn't that heavy
> Depends... On the other hand, reactos and hxgui are strong.
> I do not think reactos is years away, in any case re-win3
> from scratch would be even further away ;-). Not sure how
> heavy either will be - which hardware do you have in mind?
> > 3) There are many date problems and possibly other bugs.
> You could get a y2k fix download from microsoft a while ago.
> > 4) Freedos seems to become unstable when Windows 3.x is run
> >    on top of it.
> In what way? I guess using dos apps and dos boxes inside
> freedos could indeed cause stability problems.
> Eric
If you put it that way.... Then it seems like it would be easier to mobilize
the entire FreeDOS user list to get Microsoft to open source Windows for
Workgroups 3.11. I don't think anyone can really accomplish that though.

Even so, a good portion of Windows 3.11 would not have to be rewritten. For
example, by using Nano-X with Wine/ReactOS code along with HX DOS Extender,
you effectively replaced the WIN.COM loader, the shell initialization, and
implemented a good portion of Win32 and if we could bring in more Wine code,
also Win16, which is implemented in Wine, but not ReactOS. Although, using
Nano-X and HX DOS Extender effectively kills using old Windows 3.x drivers
right away. Later on it could be implemented, but I don't think it could be
done right from the start.

On second thought, why not mobilize the people? The only obstacle would be
that Microsoft wouldn't listen, but I don't think they have any real reason
to keep that old code closed source anyway, so they might....
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