> Warcraft II BNE version 2.01A runs in Windows 9x
> and Windows XP.  It was designed for 9x

Try HX :-)

> ReactOS is not useful at this point and even if

12 years done, 12 years ahead ;-)

> it were it is not a DOS compatible replacement for Windows.
> There is a lot of DOS based Windows software that is orphaned

This is your primary problem: there is no "DOS based Windows software" at all.

> What are you talking about? ReactOS is not about Windows Me

The request of M.R. (NO, I don't understand it well ... or at all)

> And Windows 3.x/9x is no DOS GUI from what point of view?

They were sold as "OS" (what they aren't either) back then ...

> Japheth writes on his site that "HX's source code is about 100,000 lines of 
> code"

When in doubt download it and recount :-D

~~~ wow ~~~

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