Hi Bernd,

Jack is right, "pipeline" based DVD burning saves a lot of space
for temp files. Of course you are also right - you cannot easily
put temp files on harddisk if the harddisk only has NTFS etc and
it would be asking a bit much to add another harddisk. Well, of
course DOS USB (storage) drivers are improving a lot now :-).

I still like the idea to use memory above 4 GB only for easy
things such as RAMDISK... Yes, JEMMEX could use big pages or
PAE or both to access more RAM for various things, but this
always leads to the question: How compatible will it be? At
the moment, JEMMEX already is too fancy for many ancient DOS
games which use pre-VCPI DOS extenders, so it is good that
HIMEMX and JEMM386 are still separately available. If a new
driver provides some kind of XMS 4, but only at the cost of
dropping, say, EMS 4 or VCPI support, then that XMS 4 mode
should be command line switchable at least :-).

By the way, I think that you should not map too much stuff
over the now unusable last 0.n GB of the first 4 GB. After
all, the remaining area can be used for framebuffers, BIOS
and MMIO so whenever it is marked as non-accessible, there
will usually be a good reason for that. Same as with UMB.
Talking of which, I wonder whether JEMM386 can become even
more clairvoiant about avoiding unusable UMB, now that modern
hardware and BIOS frequently fail to mark such areas right.

> 2) Computer has 12GB RAM (hello brand new Core I7 system

Hello waste of electricity...

> 4) DVD can contain more than 4GB, so the file fits on it.

Next task would be to find 4 GB of actually nice DOS software.

> 5) No ISO generation necessary as your above mentioned buffer

Indeed, although DOS is not exactly strong in pipelines ;-)

> 7) No USB sticks around with sufficient capacity and free space

Depending on speed, 4 GB USB sticks are 10 - 40 Euro today...
For comparison, smallest quad core i7 CPU is already 250 and
6 GB of DDR3 are 130 to 360 Euro at the moment. Same with a
much less fancy hardware:  4 GB DDR2 is 40 to 90 Euro and an
Athlon64x2 4450E for 40 can also handle 16 GB on nForce630a
already... So YES people can have so much RAM (but why? Not
even Vista can waste it yet) but NO using RAM is by no means
a cost efficient way to have 4 GB of storage in your PC now.

> With lack of UDF driver for DOS ("packet writing")

I would already be happy with UDF reading. There were even
some attempts to make some UDF enabled SHSUCDX afair...?

> I know of no other freely usable/distributable DOS optical disk
> writing software other than CDRECORD and CDRKIT, both stuck on

How about DOSCDROAST? Or is it just a GUI for CDRECORD?

> Maybe soon enough ReactOS (www.reactos.org) will 
> be a light-enough Windows-replacing environment
> and work with your streaming recorder program.

... or Linux ... but yes, DVD UDF is tough for DOS.


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