Emmmm . . .  first i don't quite understand why you need an NDIS(2) driver 
_and_ a packet driver?
A packet driver suitable for your network card allone should already do the job.

There are quite a number of TCP/IP stacks for DOS out there, many of them are 
commecial products.

Rather popular and free, is WATTCP written by Erick Engelke, although it isn't 
a "stack" in the proper sense. Rather it's a library of TCP/IP routines that is 
linked directly into the application programs. For the user of such programs 
this doesn't make much difference.

Basic programs, like PING, TRACEROUTE, an FTP-client etc. come with it. It 
isn't that difficult to set-up. All you need is a packet driver and a 
configuration file and there you go. 

An alternative might be the set of programs Mike Brutman wrote for his mTCP 
projects, which is also frtee.

Last, but not least, you might have a look on some of the networking programs i 
wrote which you will find here: http://www.bttr-software.de/products/jhoffmann/
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