On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 3:22 AM, Someone <plu...@robinson-west.com> wrote:
> I question whether TCP/IP is the best way to go in a DOS environment.

That depend on your needs. Been a member of the Thinstation Linux thin
client team, I have all the lightweight Linux I could wish. My
original need came from the need to BIOS upgrade a floppyless Ubuntu
box. I ended up by adding the DOS flash program and the BIOS image to
a Balder image, make an ISO of it and problem solved. Not very
elegant. So I decided to explore if I could make a boot floppy with
USB support so I could put the flash program and BIOS image on a
writable device and not have to create a new ISO every time (not that
it happens often, but now it got a pet project).

Having reached this, I wanted more: the ability to download the flash
program and the image directly with wget or even a text browser. This
is a bit hard to accomplish without TCP/IP :-) I've put the network
stack, applications and packet drivers on the floppy due to size
restriction on the floppy. It isn't quite working yet, but I think I
just need to put a bit more time into it. I see no fundamental
obstacles now.

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