On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 11:50 PM, Willi Wasser <wiw...@web.de> wrote:
> Emmmm . . .  first i don't quite understand why you need an NDIS(2) driver 
> _and_ a packet driver?
> A packet driver suitable for your network card allone should already do the 
> job.

Neither do I, but I must admit it's 15-20 year ago I did DOS
networking and frankly I remember very little. I decided to follow the
guide on the mentioned freedos page and thus ended up with both NDIS
and a packet driver. I assume I can lose the protman.* and the
protocol.ini as well as netbind then?

> There are quite a number of TCP/IP stacks for DOS out there, many of them are 
> commecial products.
> Rather popular and free, is WATTCP written by Erick Engelke, although it 
> isn't a "stack" in the proper sense. Rather it's a library of TCP/IP routines 
> that is linked directly into the application programs. For the user of such 
> programs this doesn't make much difference.
> Basic programs, like PING, TRACEROUTE, an FTP-client etc. come with it. It 
> isn't that difficult to set-up. All you need is a packet driver and a 
> configuration file and there you go.
> An alternative might be the set of programs Mike Brutman wrote for his mTCP 
> projects, which is also frtee.

Yes, I think I'll try this one out first. It new and sexy, but agreed
WATTCP is tested and tried. We'll see.

> Last, but not least, you might have a look on some of the networking programs 
> i wrote which you will find here: 
> http://www.bttr-software.de/products/jhoffmann/

I'll have a look for sure. Thank you.


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