Hi Virii,

> Does that mean I can use multiple cards somehow?

In theory, yes, in practice, it will depend on how
well you can edit the MPXPLAY etc config. Of course
at most one of the cards can use SB16/similar mode,
but as you say:

> I figured it out. It figures the only card I know worked in DOS wouldn't
> work in this particular Pentium IV PC. It worked fine in an old PIII, with
> whatever mobo it had.
> These Yamaha 724 chip cards need either a SB-Link cable, or something called
> Distributed DMA, to work in real DOS mode. Neither of which this PC has
> support for...

Similar with the ForteMedia FM801, the more modern
your mainboard the less hope there is for any PCI
or PCIe slot to support anything sufficiently ISA
DMA look-alike. Still, non-DMA stuff will happily
keep working, e.g. Adlib / OPL3 style game music,
in particular in games which use no complex timing
things with soundcard IRQ, as more modern boards
even make IRQs less DOS style these days...

> Does anyone have a solid method for installing FreeDOS in DOSEMU?

One is simply pre-installed with most DOSEMU copies.
If you want to upgrade it, you can replace the files
in your virtual C: or boot from a virtual A: floppy.

Remember to keep some specific tools such as EXITEMU
around, otherwise you will have to close DOS windows
by mouse instead of being able to use the command.


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