Op 16-7-2011 15:43, Virii schreef:
> First of all, I'd like to get some more basic problems out of the way. After
> downloading the 1.0 'full' cd iso, and burning it to a disc, I was unable to
> boot into 'live' mode. I know now this is due to my PC only having a SATA
> DVD-RW drive.

I was under the impression the ELTORITO driver can load always if you 
boot from CD-ROM in non-emulation mode (Isolinux, as the FreeDOS 1.0 
bootcd also uses), guess it finds some system hook in memory. It 
shouldn't matter if it's CD, DVD or BluRay, be it connected through IDE, 

To avoid future issues with such 'booted from USB but can't find rest of 
CD' I'm considering to load the entire FreeDOS installation CD in system 
memory, then let ELTORITO find it. This approach has several advantages 
but also some issues.

> Also when attempting to install FreeDOS from that full cd, I was unable to
> complete many functions, because it was looking for an ethernet connection.
> I have a ethernet hub plugged into my PC, but it's only used for FTP to
> other local devices.

That's an issue we'll have to avoid, I'm not sure what causes it, might 
be FDUPDATE or a batchfile calling into WGET, which realises a WATTCP 
file is missing and thus starts a DHCP query itself, which hangs the system.

> But... this leads to a problem of sorts for me. How do I install many of the
> features I want like USB, SD Card, and SATA disc drive support?

USB: try some various drivers:

Bret's driver might work, but only for UHCI controllers (usb 1.1 12mb/s 
and 1.5mb/s)

> Eventually, I decided to go with the 'base' cd, and successfully installed
> the OS to a 5GB partition. I also found something called the ODD-DOS driver
> that I very hackneyed added to my AUTOEXEC.BAT, and fdconfig.sys, which
> allowed me access to my optical disc drive.

Ah excellent, no idea what the ODD-DOS driver is though.
UIDE seems to be a pretty generic/universal driver for optical drives 
connected through IDE/SATA. Find it at:

> Here are my AUTOEXEC.BAT, and FDCONFIG.SYS pastes.
> http://pastebin.com/Gm9L8LVk
> http://pastebin.com/sk3z5BBm

You seem to have multiple instances of GCDROM loaded, as well as using 
MSCDEX. I'm not aware of any big issues with MSCDEX, but SHSUCDX seems 
more flexible. Loading commands look something like this (check 
documentation to be sure as both programs have a lot of features) :


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