I've got an ISA SB16 on a 486 box I've installed FreeDOS on. I had
trouble installing the driver software to begin with, as the installer
didn't want to run until I booted into MS-DOS 6.22. Now it's
installed, enough that games can recognize and use the hardware.
However, I'm still running into some trouble with it. CTSB16.SYS and
SBCD.SYS both have DEVICE lines in FDCONFIG.SYS, which I copied over
from the CONFIG.SYS created by the installer, as does CTMMSYS.SYS.
However, while CTMMSYS works without issue, CTSB16 and SBCD both crash
during boot.

This is a bit of a problem, as without these I can't use the companion
CD-ROM drive (and I don't have an IDE controller capable of driving a
newer CD-ROM on hand.) SBCD gives me "Invalid Opcode" error messages,
like some of the other utilities did until I ran them under MS-DOS.
CTSB16, on the other hand, goes insane and prints screenfuls of
gibberish. I've got them both commented out for now, but that still
leaves me with no CD access.

Does anybody have any idea what, if anything, can be done to get these
working on FreeDOS? Or should I just settle for finding a separate
CD-ROM drive and controller?

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