At 11:53 AM 10/4/2011, Eric Auer wrote:

> > This is a bit of a problem, as without these I can't use the companion
> > CD-ROM drive (and I don't have an IDE controller capable of driving a
> > newer CD-ROM on hand.) SBCD gives me "Invalid Opcode" error messages,
> > like some of the other utilities did until I ran them under MS-DOS.
>That is odd... ATAPI CDROM should be very similar to any IDE
>as far as I remember, so I am not sure whether it is truly
>not possible to run them on your old main IDE controller...

There where a few "non-ATAPI" CD-ROM drives around back then with the 
interface simply not compatible. Don't know the details after more 
than 15 years, but it had to do with the controller chips (either 
there was one on the SB card that didn't go along with the one on the 
drive or the other way around).
There were also some SB cards that in fact had SCSI controllers on 
them, for use with SCSI based CD-ROM drives only. I used to have one 
of those back at the company I was employed at from '85-'94, actually 
'borrowing' a SCSI CD-ROM drive from a Sun "Pizzabox"...


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