Are you running latest FreeDOS kernel and HIMEMX + JEMM386?
(Somehow I doubt it.) Try upgrading a few of your system files and try
again. Else try booting a somewhat cleaner config without a lot of
extra TSRs and drivers. You'll have to give more details, though, for
further guesses.


On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 5:49 PM, John Ames <commodorej...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've got an ISA SB16 on a 486 box I've installed FreeDOS on. I had
> trouble installing the driver software to begin with, as the installer
> didn't want to run until I booted into MS-DOS 6.22. Now it's
> installed, enough that games can recognize and use the hardware.
> However, I'm still running into some trouble with it. CTSB16.SYS and
> SBCD.SYS both have DEVICE lines in FDCONFIG.SYS, which I copied over
> from the CONFIG.SYS created by the installer, as does CTMMSYS.SYS.
> However, while CTMMSYS works without issue, CTSB16 and SBCD both crash
> during boot.
> This is a bit of a problem, as without these I can't use the companion
> CD-ROM drive (and I don't have an IDE controller capable of driving a
> newer CD-ROM on hand.) SBCD gives me "Invalid Opcode" error messages,
> like some of the other utilities did until I ran them under MS-DOS.
> CTSB16, on the other hand, goes insane and prints screenfuls of
> gibberish. I've got them both commented out for now, but that still
> leaves me with no CD access.
> Does anybody have any idea what, if anything, can be done to get these
> working on FreeDOS? Or should I just settle for finding a separate
> CD-ROM drive and controller?

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