Hi John,

> I've got an ISA SB16 on a 486 box I've installed FreeDOS on.

Very old hardware :-)

> installed, enough that games can recognize and use the hardware.

Very nice. Only true ISA soundcards really please old games.

> However, I'm still running into some trouble with it. CTSB16.SYS and
> SBCD.SYS both have DEVICE lines in FDCONFIG.SYS, which I copied over

I do not think that you really need those or CTMMSYS for anything today.

> This is a bit of a problem, as without these I can't use the companion
> CD-ROM drive (and I don't have an IDE controller capable of driving a
> newer CD-ROM on hand.) SBCD gives me "Invalid Opcode" error messages,
> like some of the other utilities did until I ran them under MS-DOS.

That is odd... ATAPI CDROM should be very similar to any IDE
as far as I remember, so I am not sure whether it is truly
not possible to run them on your old main IDE controller...

Of course soundcard CDROM tended to so somewhat incompatible
so I would not expect those to run with any other controller.

> leaves me with no CD access.

Hard to tell what goes wrong with your SBCD driver. I guess
you would just load that - possibly with some options when
it has no autodetection of right settings - and then SHSUCDX
(the MSCDEX replacement). Maybe there are some issues with
other drivers loaded at the same time - try without EMM386.

Regards, Eric

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