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> A Soundblaster is the industry standard card.

You mean "was".   :-(   To say modern soundcards are incompatible is
an understatement. Your only hope is really old hardware or emulators
(DOSBox, QEMU, maybe DOSEMU).

> If you have a 100% true
> Soundblaster 16, freedos can use it.  I successfully tricked Windows
> 98SE dos drivers for a PCI soundblaster 16 to work in Freedos.  There
> should be an open source replacement driver for the soundblaster 16
> cards, but I don't know how similar these cards really are.  I hope an
> OSS driver is part of freedos 1.1.

The only two people offhand that I think?? know anything about
soundcards are Michael Kostylev and Atila Padar. The former allegedly
ported OSS to DOS at one time for Mplayer (but he's not active
anymore). Also, Atila is the Mpxplay dude who has ported bits of ALSA
for his program. Very imcomplete, but at least having proof that
somebody can do it is hopeful, right?

But anyways, my real point is that (as Pat V. had mentioned months
ago) we should probably focus on importing drivers from another OS,
e.g. FreeBSD. I think there have been several attempts in the past at
making such "portable" drivers, but I don't know how useful they would
be to us. (If I wasn't such a noob, I'd try myself, but that's way way
way beyond me.)

I mention the following URLs here just for reference on the odd chance
that it helps somebody somewhere:


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