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Subj : MSDOS - increasing max sector size

> Likewise, it will "ignore" disks with sector sizes larger
> than what DOS says it can handle (this particular detail is
> part of the easily accessible DOS "List of Lists").  In
> the source code for USBDRIVE (starting at line 289 in the
> latest official release of USBDRIVE.A36), I have a comment
> that shows you how you can modify MS-DOS and IBM-DOS to
> handle sector sizes larger than 512 bytes. 

MSDOS technicalities may be slightly off-topic here :=), anyway...

According to Rudolf Loew, increasing maximum sector size in LoL of an unpatched 
MSDOS will work up to 2048 byte sectors, not 4096 :(  I have not verified it 
for a fact. (Incidentally R. Loew *sells* patches that bring the limit up to 32 
kbytes in MSDOS 7.10, claims the author).

In your own writing Bret, I think you say you did /not/ try 4k sectors.

Too bad!


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