New follow-up ! In response to : "Bret Johnson"
Subj : MSDOS - increasing max sector size

quoting myself (sorry!) :
> According to Rudolf Loew, increasing maximum sector size in LoL of an 
> unpatched MSDOS will work up to 2048 byte sectors, not 4096 :(  I have 
> not verified it for a fact.

Wow! Never believe someone who's keen on selling something to you :

... Just done a quickie test using a MS-DOS 6.22 boot floppy (with MSDOS.SYS 
modified accordingly) : it DOES support 4k-byte buffers, contrary to R. Loew's 
assertion. Both the low work buffer and HMA buffers were 4096 bytes ! DOS 
seemed to work as usual...

I'll have to test in depth for hidden bugs, also must test MS-DOS 7.1 for this 
(no time now). Shall report to this list - though of course not /directly/ 
relevant for FreeDOS. 

> (Incidentally R. Loew *sells* patches that bring the limit up to 32 kbytes in 
> MSDOS 7.10, claims the author).


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