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> So the bottom line is that DOS will probably work just fine
> when 
> natively attached to storage devices, and that will work
> for a long 
> time.  "Appliance" storage devices are going to break
> that if they can't 
> emulate 512 byte sectors.


> I'm not entirely sure that Linux or Windows will let you
> create a 512 
> byte FAT style filesystem on storage that is using larger
> sectors. 

These OSes interrogate or test the device and will use its native (apparent) 
sector size. What you are suggesting won't work unless you're thinking of 
adding a level of filtering drivers.

> If 
> they can do that and you want to share data with them on
> your DOS system 
> by directly reading the storage, then it's time to start
> writing some 
> device drivers. ;-0

But we'll have to do it the other way around, I'm afraid


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