Op 11-11-2012 16:22, Karen Lewellen schreef:
> Hi folks,
> Asking for the person still doing that Dr dos 703 thing.
> What is the largest drive capacitor for the current edition of freedos?
> Thanks,
> Karen

2 terabyte total disksize is the maximum allowed for a single 
MBR-partitioned storage device if used individually. 2TB is also the 
limit for a FAT32 partition. No idea about DR-DOS, likely same limitations.

I remember the old days of having 4 (primary? extended? logical?) FAT16 
partitions of 2GB each, allowing up to 8GB total.

All above is traditional BIOS + MBR. Don't know about UEFI system 
firmware and GPT-formatted storage devices. Don't know about combining 
drives/volumes (RAID) either.


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