Op 11-11-2012 19:57, Karen Lewellen schreef:
> realizing there may be other answers, let me try that again.
> you are saying if one intends installing freedos as the only operating
> system on a hard drive it cannot see a drive larger than 2 gig at all?
> or are you saying that it only creates fat 16 partitions with the gig
> limit?
> Meaning you cannot create a fat 32 partition in freedos at all?

Ah I see the bottom part of my earlier response confused you, my apologies.

There's FreeDOS kernels only supporting FAT16 on which you'd have above 
issue yes. However by default the FAT32-enabled kernel is used, thus 
limiting you to slightly over 2000 GB total capacity. FreeDOS can 
see/use FAT32 partitions up to this 2000 GB size each.

All in all, every normally used harddisk will work. Just don't buy a 3TB 
or 4TB harddisk if intended for usage with DOS.


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