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> The bootable CD images that I've been seeing for FreeDOS and DOS 7.1 are
> all /installation/ disks that first fake a floppy drive and then load a
> bootable floppy disk image that cannot be edited. I don't want to
> actually install DOS and overwrite Windoze. I do want something that
> will boot directly to the command line, allow me to add my own files and
> directories and...preferably...allow me to put DOS commands in an
> AUTOEXEC file.

FreeDOS 1.0 has a LiveCD mode still. The used floppy image file is 
writeable once loaded (to system memory). I don't know if the program 
that you want to distribute fits inside the floppy part (anywhere 
between 360KB and 2.88MB) and if you want to write to ramdisk or to 
FAT-filesystem on harddisk.

All I can recommend is to start using an emulator like VirtualBox.
1) Use a CD burning program to create ISO that holds your program
2) Assign it as CD to your emulator
3) Use a bootable floppy image file and assign it as floppy to emulator
4) Boot the emulator and boot from floppy inside it
5) Modify the floppy to suit your goals by
A) deleting unnecessary files
B) loading CD drivers and accessing the CD-ROM (assigned ISO)
C) loading a ramdisk driver and copying CD content to ramdisk
6) Use CD burning program to add the floppy as bootup disk to ISO

If you decide to start with an existing bootCD, just delete autoexec.bat 
from the floppy image part and write your own from scratch to avoid all 
the SETUP/install procedures.

Maybe this is usefull as well:

> *In XP, I can hit F8, boot to safe mode, and get SVGA graphics with VBE
> that way. But it messes up my desktop and takes a long time to boot.

Scitech used to have some UNIVBE drivers. No idea if they still exist.


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