On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 7:23 AM, Mateusz Viste <mate...@viste.fr> wrote:
> That's a question to those of you who happen to still keep an oldish
> hardware machine dedicated to DOS tasks...
> How do you transfer files between your main computer and your
> FreeDOS-powered machine ?

For my P166, I used to just use a floppy (sneakernet?) to store
things, but eventually I gave up on that machine (overall hardware

> Myself, I haven't found any really creative solution so far, and rely on
> one of these:
>   - using the DOS port of SCP (this works both ways, but not very
> user-friendly)
>   - putting files on my gopher server, and fetching them from my DOS PC
> using a gopher client (works only if I need to copy files TO the DOS
> workstation, but not the other way around)
> Obviously, both solutions are quite annoying. Best would be to have some
> kind of file manager similar to Norton Commander that would allow
> accessing a remote network drive from DOS...

I admit to being a noob regarding null modem cables and whatnot, so
I've never tried that. However, I think software like File Maven was
able to support such things properly in DOS:


Also, it's been a few years, and again, I'm a noob at networking
overall, so I relied on my brother to setup an FTP server on the main
PC where I would often connect and grab files via that. (Not a DOS
machine, but it was my old 32-bit Vista laptop with NTVDM, close
enough.) So I ended up using NDN (Necromancer's DOS Navigator) with
its "#:" drive or whatever.

> Just wondering how others do.
> Back in old days I was using the LapLink application. It was primarily
> targeted to serial/parallel file transfers, but IIRC since v5.00 network
> transfers were supported, too. Anyway, it's not really an option
> anymore, since it needs a LapLink program running on both sides, so it
> would still be a nice (although non-free) solution for DOS -> DOS
> transfers, but not if your 'real' workstation is running Linux or
> FreeBSD (or Windows, but hopefully nobody uses that anymore) ;)

Dunno, there's probably lots of ways to accomplish it. Admittedly, it
is easier to "just use modern" (and dual boot or copy to USB, as
others already mentioned).

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