On 8/4/2014 7:10 AM, Mateusz Viste wrote:
> BTW, I also tried the FTP client that comes with mTCP, but it proved to
> be hardly useable on my PC. Dunno what's wrong, the symptom is that it
> reacts very poorly to keyboard input, at every keypress, I have to wait
> like 1s or 2 for the character to appear on the screen. Typing the
> "anonymous" login itself is quite frustrating already, not talking about
> any further get/put/ls magic.
> Any idea why it's behaving this way? (this might be a subject better
> suited offlist, if you'd like me to perform any debugging steps, which
> I'll be glad to follow, if you think there's a point to look for some
> bug there).

How about sending a bug report?  I make it so easy for people to tell me 
when something is not quite right, but I never get bug reports ...

It works perfectly on 8088 class machines, which is as slow as you can 
get.  So to figure out what is wrong in your environment I would like to 
know the brand/type of machine, the date on the BIOS, which version of 
DOS (FreeDOS I assume), and any TSRs that you have loaded - especially 
ones related to power management.  One of the DOS power management TSRs 
had a bad side effect that resembled what you described.

mTCP generally uses BIOS routines for handling the keyboard.  This is 
generally very reliable and fast.


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