Am 01.08.2014 um 14:23 schrieb Mateusz Viste <>:

> That's a question to those of you who happen to still keep an oldish 
> hardware machine dedicated to DOS tasks...
> How do you transfer files between your main computer and your 
> FreeDOS-powered machine ?
> Myself, I haven't found any really creative solution so far, and rely on 
> one of these:
>  - using the DOS port of SCP (this works both ways, but not very 
> user-friendly)
>  - putting files on my gopher server, and fetching them from my DOS PC 
> using a gopher client (works only if I need to copy files TO the DOS 
> workstation, but not the other way around)

This is always a good question. :-) 

My "oldish machine" is a Compaq Contura Aero from 1994. When it wasn't quite so 
oldish I used to transfer files over the LPT parallel port with a software 
called "winlink". (Despite of its name there was a Windows 3.1 AND a DOS 
version of it.) It's comparable to laplink or filemaven. (Who created these 
names by the way? ;-).)

It came also with a 3,5" floppy drive connected over a PCMCIA adapter (which 
doesn't work on other computers PCMCIA slots).

Now floppies and LPT parallel ports are history.

In the end, the 16bit PCMCIA slot of the Contura Aero turned out to be the best 
way to connect to modern machines. There are still 16bit PCMCIA network cards 
available. My favorite is the D-Link DFE-670TXD, which comes with a packet 
driver for DOS. 

So that means networking. And of course this opens a lot of ways to exchange 
files, even for FreeDOS :-)

For me, the most exotic ways was IPXCOPY. See:

Normally I set up a DOS FTP server and then make a connection with a FTP client 
on my main computer (which is a mac BTW). First I used some freeware called 
EZNOS2, but it didn't work reliable for me. Then I found a company called 
Datalight, who are still distributing their ftpd program for non-commercial 
use. For details see:

FreeDOS now comes with the FTP server from Michael B. Brutmans mTCP apps, which 
is robust, reliable and Free Software. So this is the way to go for me, 
whenever I like to startup FreeDOS and exchange files. (Although I do this in a 
virtual machine most of the time and leave the Compaq Contura Aero in the 
basement... ;-))

kind regards

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