Hi Mike,

On 08/05/2014 06:08 AM, Michael B. Brutman wrote:
> How about sending a bug report?  I make it so easy for people to tell me
> when something is not quite right, but I never get bug reports ...

I have the same problem :)
My guess it's that's purely because of human laziness. It's much easier 
and faster to replace a non-working software by another piece of 
software (when there is any alternative), than to do tests, and write 
bug reports... Plus, you're never sure whether a bug is a bug, or some 
local misconfiguration.

> ones related to power management.  One of the DOS power management TSRs
> had a bad side effect that resembled what you described.

By "one of the DOS power mgmt TSR" I guess you meant Eric's FDAPM (which 
is the only FreeDOS-specific power control tool). I do use it since 
forever, as it does a really great job at keeping my CPU cool and my 
power-meter smiling.

I temporarily disabled FDAPM and re-tested your FTP client. And indeed - 
problem is gone! Without FDAPM, the mTCP FTP client reacts very well.
I don't know what the exact problem is, nor where exactly the bug lies 
(FDAPM? FTP? A bit on both?), but I don't have such 'sluggish keyboard 
feedback' behavior with any other application.
I also tried to re-activate FDAPM using the "adv:reg" parameter (I think 
I read somewhere - probably on this mailing list - that it helps 
sometimes with similar troubles), but it didn't change anything in this 
case. Or maybe it helped a little bit, but nothing significant.


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