Hi Mike,

Yes, of course it's a totally cool solution. The problem is purely 
conceptual - I already have a host that acts as a "server" for many 
things, and have configured a local anonymous FTP server on it, so I'd 
prefer to use this.

The DOS computer, like all other user-handled computers at home, have a 
DHCP address, and doesn't get the same IP all the time (sure, I could 
set a static lease for the DOS computer...). Also, when I'm playing with 
the DOS machine, I usually prefer not to move around the house from one 
PC to another, and just sit behind the DOS machine, having access to 
whatever I need.

So no reason to be confused, the "DOS PC as FTP server" is a perfectly 
valid (and working) solution, just not fitting exactly in my (very 
personal) needs.

The only thing I need to look for now is a user-friendly FTP client I 
could use from the DOS PC. Currently I use either curl (if I need to 
fetch) or the wattcp FTP client (if I need to push), but since I 
discovered the FTP capabilities of the latest NDN (thanks Rugxulo!), I 
will definitely try to make it work, as it's *exactly* what I was 
looking for. Too bad it craps on me so far, but this must be some 
configuration problem - Rugxulo implied it worked for him, so there must 
be a way to make it work on my PC, too.

BTW, I also tried the FTP client that comes with mTCP, but it proved to 
be hardly useable on my PC. Dunno what's wrong, the symptom is that it 
reacts very poorly to keyboard input, at every keypress, I have to wait 
like 1s or 2 for the character to appear on the screen. Typing the 
"anonymous" login itself is quite frustrating already, not talking about 
any further get/put/ls magic.
Any idea why it's behaving this way? (this might be a subject better 
suited offlist, if you'd like me to perform any debugging steps, which 
I'll be glad to follow, if you think there's a point to look for some 
bug there).


On 08/04/2014 03:26 PM, Michael B. Brutman wrote:
> On 8/4/2014 3:18 AM, Mateusz Viste wrote:
>> * Running a mTCP FTP server on the DOS machine (Matej, Michael, Ulrich)
>>      - this is nice, although I'd prefer keeping the DOS PC as a simple
>> 'client'.
> I am confused by this.  Both the FTP client and FTP server are DOS EXE
> programs.  Why would running the FTP server change the nature of your PC?
> If you want a minimal solution, a command line FTP client is perfect.
> If you don't like command line FTP clients, well, better clients for DOS
> really do not exist.  You can run the FTP server on DOS instead and run
> whatever client you want on your more advanced machines.  That's not a
> terribly compromise to make to take advantage of a solution that works
> *today*.

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