from Dale E Sterner and dmccunney:

> > Qpro 3 works great. I hate to mess with sucess. Sometimes the new version
> > isn't as good as the old - it happens.

> As long as QPro 3 does what you need from a spreadsheet, splendid.
> Most of us upgrade to get things the current versions of what we run
> *can't* do, and we get new versions to get those new features.

I upgraded to QPro 5 for DOS, that had three-dimensional spreadsheets.

I believe that was the last DOS Qpro release.

I still use it sporadically, but for the most part, have migrated to Gnumeric.

FreeDOS is rather difficult to run on my system, won't run at all with EMM386, 
and forget other DOSes.


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