Sorry for the late response guys.  Hope you'll be patient with me as I am
not as skilled as you are.

"So if you have a program that works only with LPT1 (and not with a hard
coded base port address!) will use what ever address is put into
0040:0008. You can change that address to match what your expansion card
is using either by using debug (-e 0040:0008) or one of the many port
changing programs that used to be around for just that purpose..."

How exactly do I do that?

"However, you already have a printer port on your mainboard,
it seems from your BIOS settings. You could either connect
the printer there or disable THAT port in your BIOS setup,
to make the I/O range used by LPT1 free for your PCI card."

Not sure what you mean by that.  The parallel port is an expansion.  It is
bundled with 2 serial ports.  It's a combo pci.

"You can also use some TSR or tweak your 40:xx BIOS data to
swap LPT1 and LPT3 with each other, but I do not know if a
SIMPLE method for that exists. So disabling your onboard
mainboard printer port is probably the easier way to let
the PCI expansion card take the LPT1 slot without having
to mess with more or less weird PCI configuration tools."

I do not know how to do all that.  All I could think of was to buy a
serial-parallel adaptor and maybe plug the printer into one of the serial
ports. Would that work? I'll try it then I'll let you know.

In the meantime, can somebody please give me a straight answer once and for

1.  Is it or is it not possible to install freedos in a partition of a hard
drive by using a flash drive (instead of a CD)? I have successfully
installed freedos thru a CD, and if it's possible to do it via flash drive,
wouldn't that be awesome?  If it's possible, why aren't there any
documentation for it? If it's NOT possible, why aren't the geniuses making
it possible? I mean, CD's are on the way out, aren't they?

Earlier today I've made a bootable freedos flashdrive using UNETBOOTIN.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it suppose to be the same as burning the
.iso image onto a CD to install freedos in the hard drive? but instead of
using a CD, I'm using a flash drive. Aren't they basically the same?

Anyway, I'm not sure but the installation looked like it went well, but I
can't boot from it, even if I ran the postinst.bat file.

Seems like installing via CD is the only sure way to install??

2.  If LPT1 is hard coded into the clipper program, can the autoexec.bat in
freedos be edited in such a way as to somehow redirect the printer to LPT1?

3.  A little bit unrelated but I hope you can answer:  A dual boot
computer, Windows and a Linux Distro.  In Windows, the printer is LPT1.  In
Linux distro, it is LPT0.  This is an actual thing (our office computer).
Why is that?  Is that the reason why, when I'm using dosbox in the LInux
Distro to run a clipper program, it cannot print? (because the clipper
program only want LPT1).  Any solutions for that?  In Windows, the clipper
program could print, and the solution is PRINTER POOLING (LPT1, 2 , and 3
check boxes - all checked).

Thanks for your patience guys, truly appreciate it.

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