On Tue, Sep 29, 2015 at 12:02 PM, Marlon Ng <guik...@gmail.com> wrote:
> This is how my hard drive looks like in GParted:
>           Primary Partition                              Extended Partition
> |  Windows  |   Freedos (fat32)   |  My_Data  |  Linux Distro  |  Linux Swap
> |
> Windows and Freedos are the only two primary partitions.  My_Data, Linux
> Distro, and Linux Swap are in the extended partition.

Which Windows version? ("winver") Or did you already mention that in a
previous email?

> Setting this up is easy, including installing Freedos in the second primary
> partition.
> I even installed freedos last; that is, Windows was the first to be
> installed, then Linux, then freedos.
> No problem whatsoever.  I even did it on two desktop computers.  That was
> done by burning the
> freedos iso onto the CD, then booting the CD to install.  During the
> process, the FROM directory was
> x:\FREEDOS\PACKAGES  (I guess the bootable freedos cd sees itself as drive
> x: ?)
> The TO directory is C:\FDOS.  I leave them as is.  Perfect installation. But
> for the life of me,
> I simply cannot duplicate it using a flash drive.

I can't imagine why not. Are you trying to access a physical CD at the
same time? So you're trying to install "from" USB (but presumably read
.ZIP packages from CD)??

> Isn't it the same as making a Live USB Linux? That's how I install Linux
> distros--by first creating
> a Live USB using Unetbootin, then booting into the flash drive, then choose
> to install Linux OS.
> I thought it would be the same for freedos, or am I wrong?

Not sure, but FreeDOS runs normal for me (via bootable USB), so the
BIOS emulates it as hard disk. If DOS can see your physical drives,
you should be able to run/install it.

> I've never had any success with VM so I'm not considering that anymore.

Modern VMs are quite good, especially if your PC has virtualization
extensions (VT-X). It's impossible to not have "some" success with


Granted, for something like using proprietary old programs, designed
for direct LPT1 access, trying to access your printer directly, an
emulator may not be the best solution (due to circumstances outside of
our control).

> Anyway, it's an old computer with low specs, probably will run slow on VM.

While they aren't all super fast (esp. *without* VT-X), even a slow
emulator is better than nothing.

But you don't have to install to hard disk. I don't understand here
what you're trying to do. Can you not boot a USB with "full" FreeDOS
installed atop it? IIRC, RUFUS lets you install full FD 1.1 if
desired. Sure, USB writes are slower, but a cache (and/or RAM disk)
can mitigate that.

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