Besides being full of crooks, eBay still can be a good source of 
affordable hardware, but it requires a bit of patience. Just looking 
now, I see there is a bunch of complete pentium systems with ISA slots 
listed at below 10 Euros. Example:

(not my auction, not related to me, just first thing that got into my hands)

Of course it all depends where you live, shipping can be costly for 
goods that need to cross an ocean.

Anyway, had you the occasion to test the Intel Gigabit packet driver I 
suggested earlier? I'm curious to know whether it works on your onbord 
LAN card.


On 10/11/2015 22:42, Don Flowers wrote:
> For the past two years in the spring summer and fall I have alerted my
> local FB friends to be on the lookout for older PC''s and nothing yet
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 7:22 PM, Karen Lewellen <
> <>> wrote:
>     Additionally, if you live in an area with an active freecycle community,
>     quality machines can be yours for free.
>        Granted I am in a major city, but I find even p4 units given
>     away.  the
>     goal is keeping items out of the landfill, so those using the
>     service would
>     rather pass them on than throw them away.
>     On Mon, 9 Nov 2015, patrick wrote:
>      > old machines are cheap:
>      > I find them all the time at garage sales.
>      > I pay an average of $5 for a tower of any age.
>      > Sometimes people just give them to me to get rid of them.
>      > More often, they just throw them away.
>      > Newegg sells reconditioned machines, usually with Windows 7
>      > for 75 - 200$ and there are lots of other companies doing the same.
>      >
>      >
>      > On 11/09/2015 07:07 AM, Don Flowers wrote:
>      >>  Yeah, I should have mentioned that my PC has an onboard Intel
>     82567LM-3
>      >>  for which there seems to be no DOS option for connectivity and
>     the sound
>      >>  is HD and unrecognisableed by either MPXPlay or Mplayer, I have
>     at least
>      >>  one game that will throw sound out the onboard speaker (Empong).
>      >>
>      >>  As for buying a retro machine, have you checked the prices
>     lately? In the
>      >>  past year alone a PII or PIII with one ISA slot has doubled in
>     price to an
>      >>  average of $300-400. I do have a couple of Compaq Armada
>     laptops that have
>      >>  awsome sound and also connect via PCMCIA netcard. I am trying
>     to get a
>      >>  working Desktop PC that is capable of running FreeDOS and still
>     will run
>      >>  Linux and/or Windows.  It's an elusive beast. :^)
>      >>
>      >>

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