On 23-11-2015 17:09, Rugxulo wrote:
>> On 22-11-2015 20:45, Rugxulo wrote:
>>> I also added "c:\rugxulo" as host folder, so lemme try and see if
>>> reading from that works: yes!
>> I usualy don't use a host mount for C: as it can interfer with the
>> booting process and DOS's utilities
>> IIRC D: is default for that
> I'm not sure I understand. IIRC, it appeared as "/media/sf_rugxulo"
> (or some such), and I made it appear read-only. Also, IIRC, DOSEMU
> typically makes D:\ the Linux partition host, so you can access some
> files there.
C: corresponds to a directory inside ~/.dosemu, it contains everything 
that is needed for FreeDOS, including the dosemu utilities. So I never 
change that.
Yes, D: is mounted by default to the linux directory
So maybe the best might be to map anything else do E:, this is done in 
autoexec.bat using some dosemu directive, it should be easy ;-)

>>> Doom works without sound, which (AFAIK) is a fairly common fault, even
>>> under DOSEMU. I was using (updated) MBF, but shareware Doom won't even
>>> run at all.
>> Ok, sound is probably off, I never used it ;-)
> Sound isn't exactly important to me, but obviously in games it is nice
> to have. Not sure exactly how huge DOSBox (with all libs) would be,
> but that's presumably a better answer, at least for gaming.
Do you have any simple DOS program to play around with sound? I can 
check how to enable it


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