On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 2:19 PM, Alain Mouette <ala...@pobox.com> wrote:
> On 23-11-2015 17:09, Rugxulo wrote:
>>>> Doom works without sound, which (AFAIK) is a fairly common fault, even
>>>> under DOSEMU. I was using (updated) MBF, but shareware Doom won't even
>>>> run at all.
>>> Ok, sound is probably off, I never used it ;-)
>> Sound isn't exactly important to me, but obviously in games it is nice
>> to have. Not sure exactly how huge DOSBox (with all libs) would be,
>> but that's presumably a better answer, at least for gaming.

I didn't mean to recommend that gaming is super important here. It's
presumably not. Just saying, if they can install DOSBox (plus whatever
libs) later, it couldn't hurt.

> Do you have any simple DOS program to play around with sound? I can
> check how to enable it
> ;-)

Well, I weakly tried two different programs (Dr. Track, Mpxplay), but
neither one could find the sound card, even with some simple
fiddling/setting of BLASTER. So I dunno. It's probably a more
complicated problem to solve.

Honestly, I wouldn't majorly worry with it yet. Sound is a mess and
(relatively) unimportant. I would consider almost anything else as
higher priority, to be completely honest.

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