Hello Eric and all,

First, I went through the couple old 1.1 packages that were not on the update 
repo. They were buried elsewhere on ibiblio.

So, at present these will be included on big USB but are not currently 
installed under ALL or BASE.

DOSUTIL, also updated  to latest version.
SYSLINUX, 4.x, there is a 6.x version available if someone wants to build it, 
probably should add this to ALL.
FDSHIELD, updated to latest version.
CALLVER, probably should add this to base.

UPX had not gone away, it was it the DEVEL group. I just missed seeing it when 
compiling the list.

And, CURL is now back. It’s sources were located. I also updated it. Hopefully, 
it is not broken.

WATTCP is the only one remaining. 

I have spent many many many hours fixing broken and incorrect packages. At 
least for now and the foreseeable future, I think I am done fixing them. I will 
be more than happy to include the remainder once they are fixed. 

> On May 19, 2016, at 1:16 PM, Eric Auer <e.a...@jpberlin.de 
> <mailto:e.a...@jpberlin.de>> wrote:
> Hi Jerome,
>> Except for the following packages all other dropped and questionable
>> packages are listed at the beginning of this thread. This list of
> Please cite the beginning-of-this-thread snippet, it is a long thread.
>> packages shipped with 1.1 and are not presently in 1.2. None of these
>> packages are on the ibiblio repo for version 1.1 either.  I have not
>> put any work into trying to include these packages as of yet.
> Do you mean they were part of the 1.1 distro but not of the 1.1 repo?

Yes, however some are elsewhere on ibiblio.

>> DOSUTIL, No sources present in package. Might be buried on repos
> What is the content of that package?
>> RIPCORD, FreeDOS release related program, Compatibility not tested.
> Indeed probably specific to the 1.1 distort.

For now, included. I will try it out prior to next release.

>> SAMCFG, I don’t know if it is applicable anymore.
> Sounds like a sample config, which could be useful to include.
> Of course if you find some settings which are no longer valid
> for updated drivers, it would be cool to update those, but I
> would say that the 1.1 sample config should still be valid :-)
>> SYSLNX There has to be a newer version, not in repo for 1.1.
> Syslinux? That sounds pretty important.

Probably, someone should really update it.

>> WATTCP, No Source files present
> http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=wattcp 
> <http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=wattcp> says that would
> be the place to be. The wat2001b.zip indeed does have sources.
>> CALLVER, FLASHR, SHIELD and UPX not in repo for 1.1
> Maybe you mean FDSHIELD: www.freedos.org/software/?prog=fdshield 
> <http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=fdshield>
> This does include sources.
> http://ericauer.cosmodata.virtuaserver.com.br/soft/specials/ 
> <http://ericauer.cosmodata.virtuaserver.com.br/soft/specials/> has
> a copy of CALLVER 2007-aug19.zip which includes sourcs.
> I am not sure what FLASHR is, maybe a tool to update firmware?
> For UPX, the version with UPX-UCL library should be used, because
> it has the more free/libre license compared to the UPX NRV default:
> http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=upx-ucl 
> <http://www.freedos.org/software/?prog=upx-ucl> (a very nice tool!)
>> Almost all of the dropped packages in the top of this thread, never
>> shipped with FreeDOS. However, they are on the Repo for v1.1.
> This probably means that they got added to the distro after 1.1, in
> the hope that they will be included in the FreeDOS 1.2 distro. The
> users were able to install through the repository in the meantime.
>> FreeDOS 1.1 shipped with 80 packages total, 1.2 ships with 97 the
>> slim USB and 232 on the big USB.
> That is really cool, thanks :-)
> By the way, it is good to have full 8.3 file names for packages now,
> the "X" and "S" distinction in the repo makes it hard to find stuff
> which normally has 8 char names but has to squeeze in the "X" suffix.
> Regards, Eric
>> Well, this was the complete list of packages included with FreeDOS
>> 1.1, all 80 of them.
> Base: Append Assign Attrib Cdrcach(e) Chkdsk Choice Command Comp
> Cpidos Ctmouse Cwsdpmi Debug Defrag Deltree Devload Diskc(o)py
> Display Dosfsck D(i)skcomp Edit Edlin Exe2bin Fasth(e)lp Fc Fdapm
> Fdisk Fdpkg Fdupdat(e) Find Format Fourdos (4dos) F(d)xms286
> Graphic(s) Help Himemx Infozip Install Jemmex Kernel Keyb Label
> Lbacach(e) Localiz(e) Mem Mirror Mode More Move Mtcp Nansi Nlsfunc
> Printq Print Recover Replace Ripcord Samcfg Share Shsucdx Sort
> Subst Tree Uide Undel(ete) Unf(or)m(a)t Usbdos Xcopy Xmgr Dosutil
> Boot: Sysl(i)n(u)x
> GUI: Fdshell (?)
> Net: Wattcp Wget
> Util: Bootfix Callver Doslfn  Flashr Fdshield Upx Vmsmnt
>> And here is the list of packages on the Large USB Stick.
>> All, 232 of them.

This is a repost/updated not included and problem package list. I 


        ZOO - Includes sources, may be Public Domain. No License information. 
Not Included.


        No issues.


        PACIFICC - Free. No Sources. Not Included.
        TPPATCH - Free. No Sources. Not Included.


        CHICKEN2 - Listed as Emailware. DOC says "This means that if you like 
the game, please please please send me an email or a postcard!” Include or 
Leave Not Included.?

        ELIZA - Listed as Public Domain. No License information. Leaving as 
Public Domain and including.

        JUMPBUMP - Email author required. Not Included.

        NYET - Listed as GPL, No Source, Not Included.

        PAKUPAKU - Unknown License, Not Included.

        PEDE - Unknown License, Not Included.

        QUADNET - Freeware, no source, Not Included.

        TETRIS2K - Listed as Free, Possibly Public Domain. No license 
information. Not Included.

        XARGON - Two Licenses, One COMMERCIAL do not redistribute AND Freeware 
License??? Not Included.


        CRYNWR - Unknown License, Not Included.
        CTORRENT - Listed as GPL, No License, No Sources. Not Included.

        CURL - Listed as GPL, IT IS NOT GPL! It is less strict and is only 
copyrighted public domain. Included.

        NEWSNUZ - Listed as Public Domain. New parts are. Old parts say to 
reference missing file. Not Included.

        PING - Listed as GPL, No Sources. Not Included.


        ADT2 - Fair License? Not Included.

        BLADEENC - LGPL, No Sources, Not Included.

        DWJ - Freeware, No Sources, Not Included.

        MPXPLAY - Unknown License, Not Included.


        4DOS - Listed as Free, non commercial use only. Kept for now, may get 

        BIEW - Listed as correctly as GPL, No Sources. Not Included.

        DESI3 - Listed as Freeware, Unknown License, No Sources, Not Included.

        DIALOG - Listed as GPL, No Sources, Not Included.

        DOSIDLE - Free for non-commercial use, Not Included.

        DOSLFN - Listed as GPL, No License Messages, Maybe public domain. Kept 
for now, may get removed?

        GCDROM - Listed as GPL, No Sources, Based on XCDROM which has been 
removed by request. Not Included.

        LSCOLOR - Listed as Public Domain, No Sources, Not Included.

        MD5SUM - Listed as GPL, is Public Domain, contains several different 
OSS licenses. Unchanged.

        MEMTEST - Listed as Freeware, Unknown License, No Sources, Not Included.

        SAVEPART - Listed as Free, No Sources. Not Included.

        SLOWDOS - Unknown License, No Sources, Not Included. (Replacing with 
SLOWDOWN, Hopefully)

        TINYAES - Listed as Free, Unknown License. Not Included.

        UIDE - Removed by request.

        UMBPCI - Listed as free, No sources, Not Included.

        WHICH - Listed as GPLv2, No Sources, Not Included.

        XCDROM - Removed by request.

        XMSDISK - Listed as Freeware, No Sources, Not Included.
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