> On May 15, 2016, at 12:41 AM, Thomas Mueller <mueller6...@twc.com> wrote:
> [..]
> I don't know if DIALOG proposed for FreeDOS is the same as any of those 
> dialogs.

I think it is the “DIALOG” package that shipped with FD1.1.

> Without DOSLFN, no support at all for long filenames?

Correct. Although, I hear the was another very buggy one that was around before 
DOSLFN. I don’t know the name.

> Without GCDROM and XCDROM, will there be any way to read CDs and DVDs, and 
> possibly burn a CD or DVD?

There is still UDVD2. It has been permitted to remain for now. However, in the 
long term, Jim has stated he would like to see it replaced with another 

> CURL is open-source and much used in (quasi-)Unix OSes.

CURL is probably fine. But, it completely failed LSM verification. It is listed 
as being GPL. It’s license is clearly not. I’m not looking at it right now. 
But, if I recall correctly, i think it was either BSD or BSD-like. There were 
basic directives played out regarding what packages get included in FD1.2. I 
temporarily bent these restrictions for a couple highly demanded packages like 
4DOS. But, for most, I did not. That being said, CURL should be fixable if the 
license info is corrected and sources are included.

> PING and WHICH are a common part of open-source (quasi-)Unix systems.

I didn’t do any temporary rule bending on these. They are probably fixable. 
However, I think there is a PING included in MTCP as well.

> Available source code does not necessarily mean buildable in FreeDOS; porting 
> to DOS typically requires much wrestling and is not always workable.  
> Remember DOSzilla?
> I couldn't find NEWSNUZ.

It is on the ibiblio repository. 

> Some of the packages, such as UIDE, UMBPCI and XMSDISK, are DOS-specific.
> I'm not trying to track down any of the games you listed.  Aside from 
> TETRIS2K (related to Tetris?), I never heard of any of the others, or didn't 
> pay attention.
> Tom

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