Hello Eric and all,


I fixed the missing source issue. If Jim is fine with including a 
“Non-commercial use only” program it can stay. Otherwise,
it will either have to be installed later or could be provided on
unofficial FreeDOS releases.


The GCDROM are incomplete they only contain the XCDROM source.
Also, it states that it is based on XCDROM. XCDROM has been removed for 
other reasons. So, GCDROM even if fixed. It’s fate is in question.


Mostly, I think your interpretation matches mine. However, when UIDE was used
FDINST would throw random errors. Why? IDK. It was suggested that command 
line switches could be used to help correct the issue. However, that would not
be remotely practical and might have required having a different install media
fork for every platform and virtual machine. Per a different suggestion, 
to using UDVD2 and the problems vanished. UDVD2 is by the same author and
may eventually suffer the same fate as UIDE, XCDROM, RDISK and XMGR. 

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