from Ralf Quint:
> On 8/13/2017 4:56 PM, Dale E Sterner wrote:
> > New cameras are using a new format that I can't read.
> > I can read FAT 16 & FAT 32. Web search said that
> > they are using FAT 64. FDISK doesn't even detect it.
> > SD chips go undetected with this new format.
> As Dennis already mentioned, newer cameras/SD cards (over 32GB)  are
> using exFAT ( There is no such
> thing as FAT64.
> And as exFAT is a encumbered with software patents by Micro$oft, there
> won't be any support in FreeDOS (or any other Open Source OS) in the
> foreseeable future...

FreeBSD ports has fusefs-exfat, but nothing in pkgsrc meaning nothing for 

Linux has packages for ExFAT: fuse-exfat and exfat-utils (from Gentoo packages, 
in category sys-fs).

I didn't think Haiku had ExFAT support, but look what I find:

$ ls haiku/haiku/src/add-ons/kernel/file_systems/exfat
CachedBlock.h           DirectoryIterator.cpp   Inode.h                 
Utility.h               exfat.h
DataStream.cpp          DirectoryIterator.h     Jamfile                 
Volume.cpp              kernel_interface.cpp
DataStream.h            Inode.cpp               Utility.cpp             Volume.h

This is not to say these implementations have all the capabilities of ExFAT on 
MS-Windows, and then there is the MS patent and licensing issues.


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