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On 11/4/2017 4:58 AM, userbeit...@abwesend.de wrote:
I too have a couple of old 486 systems and recently also two 286
laptops (yeah!) but I wasn't yet able to install FreeDOS on them. The
first reason being that my first project, a desktop 486, doesn't have
a CD-ROM drive and, natually, no USB either. The only way to get
FreeDOS on the HDD was to place it into a different system (a P4) and
install it there. The bad news: this very HDD was too small for
FreeDOS. So at that point I did give up, mostly due to my real life
job which doesn't give me enough spare time to continue the project,
at least for now.
Harddrive too small for FreeDOS? Sorry, but the smallest hard drive I
ever owned and used in DOS was 20MB and that is enough to install
FreeDOS 10 time over...
You can run FreeDOS off a 1.2/1.44MB floppy disk drive!

Sorry but that story doesn't hold up . And it doesn't have anything to
do with the subject of this unfortunate thread...

I did install a couple of software too. What good is DOS without programs, right? But even deselecting the compilers and the GUI it didn't fit. I wanted to select only really relevant packages next, but work called and I had to stop the project for the time. As soon as I find the time, I will continue to try.

Yes, I know that DOS fits a floppy! That DOS isn't of any use though - you need at least one program. Also, a lot of what the FreeDOS distribution offers are utilities, meaning: they also don't do anything for you except if you have other data/programs. Take ZIP as an example: without something to ZIP it's just sitting there waiting. No one would say: "I have to work with ZIP today to get my work done" or "I want to play with ZIP the whole day, because it's so much fun".

Sorry for being sarcastic. It's my nature. I appologize in advance.

So much for the story of a total fail...


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