Hi Ric,

Thank you very much for this feedback.
Don't worry, I don't take it personally, but appreciate it.

And no matter how many hours you wasted before you thought of asking at
the fricas-devel mailing list, yes you are right, the documentation is a
big mess.

I would really like to have it in better shape, but time is always an
issue. And clearly the interests of the developers is currently more on
improving the mathematical part of FriCAS (i.e. algorithms) than in
improving the documentation.

Maybe (since I control fricas.github.io) I should put a big red warning

  If you want to use FriCAS, you should expect many many wasted hours,
  before you even can compute 1+1. FriCAS has a lot to offer, but before
  you can take advantage of it you must climb a big  mountain, go
  through hours for installation, or compilation and installation,
  frustration, learning, learning, learning, looking for the right
  help pages (because there are many and they are sometimes out-dated
  and contradicting each other).

  If you are brave enough to go through all of that, then there is one
  reliable hint to lower your frustration: write a mail to
  Usually, one of the developers is around and will try to assist you
  to overcome your frustration.

I want to make fricas.github.io the main portal for FriCAS, but there is
still a lot to do. When I find time, I will put the code that produces
the documentation to github, maybe then others find a channel to send
pull requests.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your frustration with us. That is and
important feedback.


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