Hi Waldek, I would like to hear your opinions on other topics:

1. INSTALL.  It's been half a year since last discussion about
Debian packaging, how is it going?

2. Website.  Do you agree that the website need some improvements?
(more user friendly and SEO friendly)

5. Documentation.  What are your opinions regarding the
improvements of documentation?

And to ric:

3. Online shell.  I may produce a online shell similar to sympy
in the next few (3~6) months.

4. Latex friendly GUI

I personally use Emacs interface, especially axiom-environemnt

TeXmacs interface could provide more functionality than jupyter,
as the latter uses a web interface.  And you are right that TeXmacs
requires guile-1.8 which makes it more difficult to install. TeXmacs
and FriCAS faces a similar problem: lack of developers, which is
unfortunate for those promising projects.

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