Angus MacLeod wrote:

> I always feel bad correcting a piece that has so much right, because the
> only things that get pointed out are the other things, and it always looks
> like there's way more of them than there actually are, when you take in all
> in context of how much was right. 

Mile taing, Aonghais.  I expected lots of corrections since I was trying
constructions I really don't know much about.  I do very much appreciate
the fact that you took the time to do it, especially with clouds of
unidentified nature being breathed on your neck.  (Your son is a dragon,

> >  (Ach cha ghabh mi.  Cha sheinneas mi gu math riamh.)
> ..."Cha do sheinn..."  ( Ach chan eil mi 'gad chreidsinn idir...... but I
> don't believe you at all.....)
    Tha fior, ged ta.  I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

> > Cho\rd an madainn rium gu math.
> a' mhadainn

   This one was a DOH! moment.  Madainn=feminine noun registered a split
second after I hit the send button.

Thanks again

Leslie Gadallah, Calgary, Canada-----

   Measar an t-amadan glic ma chumas e theanga.
      The fool can pass for wise if he holds his tongue.
             --Gaelic proverb
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