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> Hallo a h-uile duine,
> Tha ceist bheag agam an dra\sda.
> I have a small question just now.
> I've been doing the exercises in Bun-Chursa Ga\idhlig (and there is no key);D
> Tha Mairi aig an taigh ach tha Seumas anns an sgoil.
> Mary is in the house and James is in the school.
> Could it also be translated:
> Mary is at home and James is in school.???

A Shiu\saidh,Literally it says, "in the school", but in normal English speech we say 
school" when we mean a particular school. If I said, "My son is in school.", to 
someone who
knows our family, they wouldn't ask me which one! So I would say "in school" also 
works here.
Also, "aig an taigh" is what I've  heard most often for "at home". Actually, offhand I 
think of anything else I've heard.......

> And, along the same line:
> Malcolm is in church.
> Tha Calum anns an eaglais.
> It needs to be definite, right, as he's in a particular church; or would it be 

Again in English we say "in church", expecting the hearer to know which church we're 
about. If you really didn't know which church Calum had gone to you could say,Tha 
Calum ann an
eaglais ( ann an eaglais air choireigin).
Is Calum in a church ( in a church or other(?) )
Calum is in a church ( in some church or other )

> Mo/ran taing.

La\n dith do bheatha.You're very welcome.

> Bha i a' cur beagan sneachda an-diugh, ach tha a' ghrian a' dearrsadh an dra\sda.
> It was snowing a little today, but the sun is shining just now.

Bha a' ghrian a' dearrsadh gu bla\th cha mho\r fad an latha an diugh, ach tha an 
ag ra\dh gum bi sneachda tighinn troimh na h-oichdheadh, 's a' tionndaidh gu uisge 'sa
mhadainn. Tha mi 'n do\chas gum faic sinn a' ghrian a rithist feasgar am ma\ireach!

Was the sun shining warmly not much length of-the-day today, but is the forecast 
saying that
will be snow coming through the night, and turning to rain in-the morning. Am I  in 
hopes that
will-see we the sun again afternoon tomorrow!

The sun was shining warmly almost all day today, but the forecast is calling for snow 
turning to rain in the morning. I hope we'll see the sun again tomorrow afternoon!

Le meas,

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