2011/6/2 Nate Coraor <n...@bx.psu.edu>:
> Hi Louise-Amélie,
> I haven't done anything with this code yet, but I wanted to let you know
> that we'll eventually be adding it, I'm just going to change the
> implementation slightly.  I'd like to merge the functionality of the csv
> into an xml config I'm already working on (but haven't yet fully decided
> on the syntax).  And it should be possible for tools to access these
> parameters in the command line template.  A lot of our NGS tools have
> the number of threads to use hardcoded in the tool config, which is bad.
> --nate

On a related point, I've previously suggested a $variable could be defined
for use in tool XML wrappers to set the number of threads. This number
could come from a general configuration file, or perhaps via the cluster
settings - the point is the tool doesn't need to know, it just gets told how
many threads it is allowed.


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