Louise-Amélie Schmitt wrote:
> Le 02/06/2011 21:39, Nate Coraor a écrit :
> >Louise-Amélie Schmitt wrote:
> >>>default_cluster_job_runner will remain for backwards compatibility, but
> >>>we'll ship a sample job_conf.xml that runs everything locally by
> >>>default.
> >>>
> >>>--nate
> >>Haha, and I did that before realizing I could do just what I needed by
> >>writing tool-specific pbs:// URLs at the end of the config file... I'm such
> >>an idiot.
> >Haha, okay, I don't think i even noticed since I was distracted by your
> >implementation being a step in the way we want to go with it.
> >
> damn, I shouldn't have said anything :D
> >>But I really like what you did of it and I have a couple of questions.
> >>
> >>Concerning the single-threaded tools, what would happen if the number of
> >>threads set in the xml file was>1 ?
> >It'd consume extra slots, but the tool itself would just run as usual.
> >
> So what about an attribute in the tool tag that would notify wether
> the tool is actually multithreaded, so that this doesn't happen?
> Something like multithreaded="true/false" ?

I'm not sure if it's something we need to enforce (who knows, maybe I
have some reason for having a single-threaded tool reserve multiple
slots), but I do think there should be some way for tool authors to make
it known that their tool is multithreaded.


> >>Could it be possible to forbid a tool to run on a given node?
> >Hrm.  In PBS you could do it using node properties/neednodes or resource
> >requirements.  I'd have to think a bit about how to do this in a more
> >general way in the XML.
> >
> >--nate
> >
> Ok thank you! :)
> L-A
> >>Thanks,
> >>L-A
> >>
> >>
> >>>>Peter
> >>>>
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