I know this isn't in the original thread, but I just had to switch email
addresses. I'm Mike, the main admin and coder on Humanity MOO. I'd just like
to clear up a few things. First, the moo isn't a Miriani clone. Though it
has some of the same concepts, lets face it, a lot of the same concepts, it
will be much expanded. For example, I have coded a combat system, and I will
have weapons etc. The most important thing, though, is that its under
development. From what I've heard, MOOs take years to develop and though I
feel I've made considerable progress it is still a work in development. For
example, the fact of the similar messages, I made it this way so that the
game would work with my Miriani soundpack for testing purposes. I will most
likely have a name change. But the reason this thread was posted was to ask
for ideas and suggestions of things you guys would like to see in a moo that
aren't in current moos. Of course, if there any MOO coders out there, I'd be
glad to have your help. The moo address is jaybird.no-ip.info port 7777.
Remember though, that anything you see is subject to change and I hope you
will give the game a chance even if you don't like what you see at this
moment. Furthermore, if you do not want to play a game that is under
development, don't. I am open to suggestions, not complaints. I hate to
sound harsh, but it seems that certain people expect so much from this game
but in reality it has been in existence for only 6 months. However, it may
turn out that some of you may actually like the game. In any case,
suggestions/ideas are welcome.




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