I'm afraid tom, I find the vigilence of the game people rather worryingly realistic. Afterall, Paramount won't be bothered by lots of fans producing their own startrek programs, but that's not the same for game developers when their are lots of great programmers out there doing things on the internet.

i heard about one Dev working on a freeware engine to create Metroid type games (sadly graphical ones). it wasn't even metroid, it was just heavily based on metroid mechanics with his own sorce code, ---- though admittedly he had used graphics from the original Nes metroid game.

one day he logued onto the site where he was storing everything to find that Nintendo had contacted his web host, had his entire storage space purge and whacked him with a cease and desist order without a by your leave, ----- and that wasn't even a vaguely commercial project!

needless to say, said dev was rather upset.

Speaking of your platformer Tom, I do have one question.

While I understand your renaming the game, level design I believe isn't copywrite at all. therefore, while on the one hand I'm rather looking forward to seeing what devious level creations and traps you can come up with, I'll be rather sorry to see the old levels unused after all your hard work.

I was wondering therefore if you considdered something like releasing the final betas of the old levels, ---- the ones with the Mota name, characters and music, as an expantion pack.

i only ask because I was playing them on my laptop before transferring them across to my desktop, and frankly having a great time with them.

that way, at least some of all the hard work you put in on those rather fun levels won't be waisted, ----- even if we do have to say goodbye to panama Jo.

beware the Grue!


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