Hi Jason.

As I wasn't around at that point, i can't comment on the preorders to James north of Alchemy games. but as someone who actually payed for a preorder of thom's game, hestarted taking preorders on the basis that the game would be released officially a month afterwards.

Sinse I know a lot of accessible game devs get absolutely swamped with orders which they then have a huuuuuuge time filling once a game gets released, preorders, ---- so long as they're not massively before the release date, actually make sense as a congestion fixer.

In thom's case as well, sinse the demo of the full game would only allow non-paying customers to play one level, it was also a good way of getting public betas with more levels (but not the complete amount), play tested before hand.

for a while it was literally a sense of one beta a week, each with one or two extra levels.

this also would've prevented a huge amount of bug issues with the levels not available in the demo coming up on other people's computers after buying the game.

I really do think this was just a case of severely bad luck, ---- not just in that thom couldn't release the game he was planning to, but in that it happened at such an unfortunate moment.

I however deffinately agree with the statement that however good the finished new version of the game is, it would be rather nice for people who paid to be able to play the old levels which thom already got finished, ---- hence my suggestion of an expantion pack.

that way people would get at least %50 (going on number of levels), of the thing they paid for, pluss a lot more new game content as well, and thom's work wouldn't be waisted.

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