Hi Michael,
That's right. I did change the name to Montezuma's Return, but unknown to me Utopia Software had created a game with a similar title in the mid 90's which was a sequel to Montezuma's Revenge. In the end they requested that I remove the game from my web site, and I did so in keeping with U.S. copyright law. The second reason I took the beta down is I discovered a huge, huge, huge bug in the engine that couldn't be fixed by editing a few lines, changing the name, and reposting the game. As a result I have been forced to rewrite a good majority of the engine plus all of the levels to correct the problem. I figured while I am involved in such an extensive rewrite I should make the levels different, make other changes here and there, etc to insure any copyright issues never come up again. As far as not getting pushed around and so on that is easy to say when you aren't the one being threatened with the suit. Legally enforceble or not I took it seriously, and chose to do the right thing by removing anything ddealing with their copyrights. As far as the new title, Mysteries of the Ancients, goes I think it will come out pretty well in the end. It features my main character Angela Carter, and it will still have a definite treasure hunting feel. It will still be a 2D side-scroller, there will be lava pits, fire pits, skeleton warriors, healing potions, and so on. Kind of a cross between Montezuma's Revenge, which everyone paid for, and Tomb Raider Prophecy which is one of my favorite side-scrollers for the Gameboy Advanced.

Michael Forzano wrote:
I don't understand how making an audio version of Montezuma's Revenge is
infringement of copyright. If the name is, why can't you just change it?
Which you did. I sorta lost track after that, I thought it became
Montezuma's Return because of copyright issues, so why couldn't you release
it. And also the levels aren't exactly the same due to the nature of the
audiogame version...So Thomas, I don't think you should let people push you
around like this, in my opinion, it isn't a valid lawsuit anyway. And also,
this game is being made so us blind people can play, not for the purposes of


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