Hi Will,
Cool your jets. No one is bitching at anybody at the moment. It was a simple request from a few interested gamers to see if the original levels could be added to the game. As you can see just about everyone is interested in obtaining new levels. So there is little to no chance we will be employing the classic levels. As for your other points I for one agree with them. The old levels were too easy. and too repetitive. However, that is to be expected somewhat with side-scrollers since a 2D classic format doesn't give a developer room to do as much randomization as I could with a FPS game. As a result it will still have an arcade feel to it.

Will Lomas wrote:
the old levels are too easy in my opinion
so new levels will be cool. and, remember to those who wanted the original game, it is still 2d, it is still a side scroller and it still contains original elements of the classic game for the sighted back in the eighties. Surely now thomas has had so many problems we should have the game he wants to make us not all bitch and moan about what we want, if we want it so bad, program it ourselves. I think we should cut thomas some slack here guys before the bitchiness starts up from those who want it their way and forget what everyone else wants Remember we are still getting an arcade game so yes, we are getting what we paid for it is not ideal as I would ahve liked the 3d game but that's bye the bye

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