Hi tom.

for the record I never said I wanted the classic levels instead of the neew ones, i was, ---- and indeed am, interested in having the classic levels as well as the new ones, if not as a levelpack for Mota, perhaps as a separate freeby of the ones you've done thus far, ----- purely because with all their faults their stil good.

Getting back on track though, I'm afraid I totally disagree with you about the depth in gameplay and randomization possible in side scrollers.

Take a game like super metroid for the snes. Not only is the game incredibly large, with over 200 separate hidden items, and 50 enemy types, but also it's possible to go through the game using many different routes and techniques.

more modern examples include the Mega man Zero series, ---- the first game of which featured full rpg like story, weapon levels, and 70 items in 10 ability types which did things like enhance defence or attack.

the castlevania series, ---- particularly in it's modern examples takes this even further.

on the randomization front, not only is there random placement of items to be picked up from enemies (again, as in Mega man zero), but also there is the possibility some games have used of randomly generated stages.

one of the earliest examples of this was mega man X 6 on the playstation, but there now are begining to be others.

there has been a major focus on 3D gaming sinse the launch of the playstation, but some great examples prove just what can be done with 2d, ----- and now it can be done in audio which is why i'm so excited about Mota.

Beware the Grue!


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