Hi tom.

As I said, I don't want to see the Monti levels go down the tubes, ---- but I'm most intreagued by the sound of those new traps.

Looking at your list of level elements, ---- lava pits, swords, spikes etc, it does seem that the majority of the Monti elements have already been included in the game, and your developement of mota involves creating more.

if this is the case, how about bringing out the game initially with all new specifically designed Mota levels and letting your fiendish creativity run wild, then, bring out the Monti levels (or at least as close as possible with the upgraded elements), as some sort of extra pack or expantion for the game, containing only the monti elements and those Mota elements most similar to them, ----- skeleton warriors for skulls etc.

That way we get the best of both worlds.

Appologies if I've misunderstood somewhat again, but sinse you mentioned going back to an old engine, i sort of assumed that modifying the existing levels ---- or at least some of them, would be less work than creating entirely new ones, particularly if (as seems to be the case from your description of game elements), some/all of the monti elements are being included in the new game.

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